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Alive Magazine Alive Magazine

Professional Edge  Professional Edge

Impact Fitness  Impact Fitness Studio

Manitoba Naturopathic Association  Manitoba Naturopathic Association



AOR  Advanced Orthomolecular Research

Brad King  Transforming Your Health 

Carlson Laboratories  Can you say Fish Oil

Enerex  Designed without Compromise

Flora  Qualtiy Health from's God's Pharmacy

Garden of Life  Empowering Extraordinary Health

Hyland's Homeopathic  Natural Homeopathic Remedies

Inno-Vite  Innovative Formulas

Innotech  Home of the Flex

Kyolic The Odorless Aged Garlic Extract

Lorna Vanderhaeghe  Hormone Help and Healthy Immunity

Manitoba Harvest  Hemp Foods and Oils

Naka Herbs  Live Well Live Healthy

Natural Factors   Where Great Health Begins

Nature's Harmony   Nature and Knowledge 

Nelson David Nelson David of Canada

New Nordic  Path to Vitality

New Roots Herbal  Nature's Formulations

North Coast Naturals  Best of Science and Nutrition

North American Herb & Spice  Power of Nature Power of Raw

Platinum Naturals  You are What you Absorb

Prairie Naturals  Live the Healthy Life 

Quest  Expecting Excellence

Renew Life   The Digestive Care Company

Salus Tonics   Vitality and Regeneration

Santevia  Pure Earth Water

Sequel Naturals   Seek Wellness

Sierra Sil   Health You Can Feel

SISU   Inner Strength

Symon's Super Mix  The Ideal Food Supplement

The Winning Combination The Winning Combination 

Trophic  Defending Your Health