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The Inno-Vite Black Walnut Complex is a balanced formula to help prevent parasitic infections and speed recovery from an active infection. This formula not only kills parasites, but also helps remove toxins out of the body as parasites die-off and release toxins.

Inno-Vite Black Walnut Complex contains:

Black Walnut green hulls (Traditionally used to help expel intestinal worms and parasites)

Cloves bud (Traditionally used as an anti-microbial)

Wormwood aerial herb (Well-known herb traditionally used as an anthelmintic, but also good for digestive complaints)

Quassia wood (An exotic rainforest wood useful against thread worms, nematodes, and ascaris)

Reishi mushroom (An immune system modulator to help the body increase its own defences to assist in the elimination of parasites and other microbial infections.

Pau D’arco bark (Anti-inflammatory, anti-malarial, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-parasitic)

Boneset whole herb (Traditionally used as a diaphoretic to promote sweating, which will help eliminate toxins produced by parasites and other microbes)

Calendula flower (Anti-spasmotic, anti-inflammatory, and helps heal wounds including internal gastrointestinal ulcers or wounds from infection)

Ginger root (Well-known and proven to combat nausea which may be caused by toxins released by parasites)

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