is the only arthritis remedy with a money-back guarantee printed on the box. Ask yourself why? Because none of the other natural products or drugs work well enough to give a money-back guarantee.
Pain Free in 2 weeks
This is what happened to me personally. After suffering for years I desperately tried everything, drugs, natural products, physiotherapy, acupuncture, magnets and nothing was of any real help. Finally I had relief in 2 weeks by taking shark cartilage that was specially processed to preserve the natural active ingredients. This is the kind we are promoting. At first I offered it to friends and they had the same quick response. I realized then that there are over 50 million men and women in USA and Canada that are battling the same illness and getting treatments that are not working well, otherwise we would not have this ongoing huge health problem. I started to offer the only money-back guarantee of all arthritis products and we are still doing it today. In the last 10 years we have helped tens of thousands of men and women to have less pain or no pain at all. This is a previously thrown away by-product of the food industry. No sharks are caught for the cartilage.
Nick A. Jerch President of Bell Lifestyle Products Inc.
Evidence it works
Over 100 testimonials are on our web site with full names and towns from real people. All 100% true. Some skeptics call these people to check whether they are real. They are all real and most don’t mind to talk about their pain relief. No money is paid for testimonials. Examples: Here are some examples:
I recommend it to those millions suffering needlessly like I did for 40 years with arthritis in my knees. It’s a shame that I was given drugs and injections all these years when a natural medicine could have spared me the endless torture day and night. Pat Laughlin, Coldwater, ON
My hip is 95% pain free. Pain killing drugs mask and Bell Shark Cartilage heals. Rebecca Hite, Oroville, CA
I tried another brand and pain came back. 2 weeks on Bell and pain is gone again. Gert Dupuis, Hanmer, ON n Cancelled knee replacement. I was in pain and limping. Have no more pain now. Can square dance for hours. Anton Melnychuk, Porcupine Plain, SK
Chronic ailments
We need both the medical professionals and natural health products. Medical professionals are providing an excellent service to the people in trauma cases, strokes, surgeries, burns and infectious diseases. However, for chronic diseases like arthritis, urinary infections (prostate problems for men or bladder infections and incontinence for women), weight control, allergies, preventing heart disease and cancer, natural health products can be a lot more effective – with virtually no side effects - than orthodox medicine. This is what people say over and over again in this brochure. It comes as no surprise when a recent article in TIME MAGAZINE by a medical doctor says that natural health product sales increased from $12.2 billion to $22.2 billion dollars annually in the last years. The writer lamented saying this is an increase of 83%. Still larger increases can be expected in the future. This is what people want.
Most people are skeptical...
until they read all the true experiences of other men and women. Very few have some relief in days. Most have relief in 2-3 weeks with 3 bottles. However, some need 6 or 9 or 12 bottles. This is still a small expense compared to what people spend on drugs or surgery or the amount of suffering they go through over the years.
Know the Truth!
These are facts most people don’t know. Lancet Medical Journal confirms that all drugs contribute to the destruction of joint cartilage a person may have left. These drugs cause internal bleeding, heart attacks and strokes. It’s official now, Dr. David Graham M.D. of the FDA’s office published his research which shows that at that time 139,000 people had heart attacks and strokes that could be linked to a single arthritis drug with a huge 30% to 40% of them fatal equaling to about 50,000 deaths. The New England Journal of Medicine reports of many arthritis drug-induced kidney and liver failures. The total number for all arthritis drug deaths, especially the wonder drugs, is staggering and may be 10 times as much. Yet, many of these drugs are still on the market and are being prescribed. Many people wrote why did they have to suffer for years when natural products could have helped them many years ago. Others wrote saying it’s a shame that medical schools do not teach anything about natural health products. It’s time now that men and women look at a natural remedy like Bell Shark Cartilage #1 that
a) has none of the above side effects
b) works in 98% of all cases
c) offers a honest cash money-back guarantee.
First people go to their doctor
and after they don’t get relief with drugs they try Bell Shark Cartilage. Most can be helped quickly and with virtually no side effects whatsoever. Some buy books with titles such as “How to live with Arthritis”. If these people take Bell Shark Cartilage, 98% can live without their arthritis pain.
Mission to help other people
As a result of my own suffering with arthritis pain for years, I feel a deep commitment and satisfaction to help others to have less pain or no pain at all. Many wrote they suffered for 10, 20, 30 or 40 years without getting real relief. After taking Bell Shark Cartilage many are completely pain free, others have 80% or 90% less pain. Success rate is 98%. We refund the money to the 2% that write saying it did not work for them. Nobody can tabulate the suffering these people would still have to endure on a daily and nightly basis. Arthritis is the most painful and longest lasting illness on earth.
We are saving governments and consequently
tax payers millions of dollars every year
We are helping many tens of thousands of men and women every year for the last 10 years. By taking Bell Shark Cartilage they are off Medicare. A official survey in USA says that a chronic patient costs US$6,032.00 a year. For 1000 patients this amounts to $6 million dollars a year. The amount of savings for tens of thousands is staggering. Many men and women have been taking our Bell Shark Cartilage for 10 years. I myself have been taking our shark cartilage for over 10 years and I have no more pain by taking a few capsules a day for maintenance. More important yet than money is the fact that we restored the QUALITY OF LIFE to tens of thousands and the numbers are increasing daily all over North America. In fact, Bell Shark Cartilage is exported to many overseas countries like Africa or Bangladesh.
Glucosamine doesn’t work in most cases!
We do sell Bell Glucosamine without and with Chondroitin and MSM. We are supplying it, because most medical doctors are still recommending it and stores therefore are selling it. However, we heard from consumers for years that either glucosamine helped very little or not at all and Bell Shark Cartilage works much better. Read the testimonials in this brochure. In this brochure you will also find details about a study by the US National Institute of Health in 16 medical centers saying glucosamine products do not work in most cases. It’s a shame that people are made to suffer unnecessarily by recommending glucosamine when a much better natural product has been available for years.
Our testimonials are 100% true!
Don’t confuse our testimonials with other products that give only first names or initials. We give full names and towns and some skeptics call people to see whether they are real people. Ingeborg Rakow called us from Alberta saying, because we printed her testimonial in our magazine ads, she had a number of phone callers checking to see whether she is real and she felt really good to help them with her advice. She told them all, yes, it’s true she had pain relief with Bell Shark Cartilage. A few weeks later one man called her again, thanking her for her good advice, as he also had pain relief as well. The testimonials in our brochure and on our web site represent only a fraction of the total testimonials we have received from North America and from overseas countries. We receive new ones every day, because we are helping more people every day.
How long does it take to get pain relief?
90% (most) have pain relief in 2-3 weeks with 3 bottles.
5% (few) need 4, 5 or 6 bottles and it may take 4-6 weeks.
3% (very few) took 9 or 12 bottles over 3 months to get pain relief.
Don't be hasty. Don't panic. If nothing has helped you so far (most tried all drugs and remedies over the years at great expense), this may be YOUR ONLY CHANCE to get pain relief. Your chances to get QUICK RELIEF within 2-3 weeks are extremely high at 9 to 1.
I threw away my cane, walker and handicapped label!
After suffering for many years with arthritis in many joints I “discovered” Bell Shark Cartilage in my local store. All the treatments and drugs I tried were of no help. You restored my active life as an artist. It’s a joy to be able to paint every day. I belong to the Lunenburg Art Gallery and I’m in contact with many people every day. If people have a health problem like arthritis, you often notice it in their mannerism or they talk about it, as the pain is always present day and night. I’m telling everybody how much I suffered and now I have no more pain at all after taking Bell Shark Cartilage. Also when I go to our local health food store and I see people studying the products I “butt in” and tell them. It’s very gratifying to hear from these people again later on saying it helped them as well and they thank me. This is my way of paying you back and at the same time helping others that suffer needlessly. It makes me feel good. I wrote you once before a year ago and I will continue to be your ambassador wherever I go as it gives me added purpose in my life to help others. Barbara Furhovde, 75, Lunenburg, NS
For over 100 more true testimonials click here
However, even if it takes 2 months or 3 months as in the examples in the next paragraph, it is a small price to pay instead of keeping on suffering for years to come. You cannot predict how fast or how slowly your body will respond. Everybody is different. Success rate is 98% right now. It could be increased to 99.9%, if people would not give up early. You will not lose your right to file a claim for the first 3 bottles, if you buy more bottles like the people below did.
Relief after 6 bottles
I wrote to you for a refund, because the first 3 bottles did not seem to work. Your offer to continue with another 3 bottles for a longer period brought to my surprise 90% relief. I am now an a maintenance program of 5-6 capsules a day. My cheque for another 6 bottles is enclosed. Eric Peterson, Orillia, ON.
No pain - no walker needed
The first 3 bottles didn’t seem to be working. I tried 3 more. After the 5th bottle I did get relief, which I am thankful for. I will now try 4 capsules a day and hope I get along with no pain. I am glad I didn’t give up. Dorothy Allan, Kitchener, ON.
P.S. Another lady told me it would have been the MOST FOOL- ISH THING SHE EVER DID if she would NOT have continued for another 3 bottles, similar to the above letter. She is now PAIN FREE after the 6th bottle.
The good wife was right
After my 3rd bottle it did not seem worthwhile to continue. My wife’s adamant reply was: You aren’t quitting now - phone in another order! On my 6th bottle I could feel a noticeable reduction in pain. Midway through bottle 11, the pain in my hips, knees, ankles was gone - and I do mean gone, exception left ankle still hurts somewhat. I now enjoy uninterrupted sleep for the first time in years. I’m 82 and go for a walk every day. George Miller, Bewdley, ON.
I am sure glad I decided to try more
Bell shark cartilage before giving up. I am now pain free most of the time. Also reading about the results from different people made me feel good. I occasionally have ankle gout pain. I will try the joint pain pepper cream for that. Matt Lukey, St. Catharines, ON
For over 100 more true testimonials click here
How much is it worth to you to have pain relief?
$75.00? $150.00? $300.00? $1,000?
These are TINY AMOUNTS compared to what people spent (I spent $2,000.00) of their own money and still a lot more of public Medicare money. EXAMPLES:
EX1: My wife insisted to bring the chiropractor another $1,000.00 over 6 months, because he promised her he will be helping her with her neck pain. He didn't. Bell shark cartilage finally helped her. However, it took 2 MONTHS for her to be pain free. She still is. She takes 2 capsules a day for maintenance.
EX2: Some people took 3 MONTHS, like Mrs. Eva Grafunder, Brampton, ON. She is 97. She was persistent, because she believed in the true testimonials. Now she can go for walks and do her own shopping (on foot) pain free.
EX3: George Miller, Bewdley, ON, 82 years old, took 11 BOTTLES Bell shark cartilage and is now mostly pain free. The amount he spent of his own money and Medicare money over the past decades is hard to tabulate, probably tens of thousands of dollars.
EX4: J. Tomlinson, Nanticoke, ON, wrote: It took 6 MONTHS to get significant pain relief. After that I took only 4 capsules a day as maintenance and the pain kept on going down further. After one year and 4 months now I feel 100% to what I was before the ordeal started. I've seen numerous specialists and they tried all the latest new medications out. All of them obviously didn’t know what works and couldn’t help me. Finally a joint replacement was suggested with a 30%-70% chance of working. With those odds I did not want to end up in a wheel chair. At that time I noticed an ad about Bell shark cartilage and I am glad I persisted for 6 months without giving up.
EX5: Eleanor Sauson, Shigawake, QC, says she spent many thousands of dollars over 32 years. However, it is not the money, it is the HUMAN SUFFERING of being in pain day and night. It was a Mount Everest in never ending pain. How many thousands of dollars would a person in pain gladly pay, if guaranteed pain relief would be available for a price? Probably a very high sum depending on how excruciating the pain is and how long a person suffered. However, pain relief was available for a mere pittance of $75.00. Even $300.00 would have been a of pittance. And as a bonus there were no side effects. Whereas before, the side effects of the drugs nearly killed her and gave no relief. Many people in their testimonial call it a miracle.
Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Gout,
A God send for my RA
Rheumatoid pain and swelling diminished 80%. You cannot imagine how thankful I am for this help from RA. Veronica Marchildon, Burlington, ON
Absolutely no pain - no swelling
RA had me housebound and unable to do my household duties. Had many sleepless nights. Your shark cartilage is a miracle for me. I sleep like a baby, can walk, dance, do my own shopping and housework now. What a blessing to be independent again. Have no pain and gained considerable strength. You are my hero without a doubt. I am so happy I answered the ad in Good Times magazine. Vernette Smith, Medicine Hat, AB
Rheumatoid arthritis pain
Almost gone! Bell Shark Cartilage literally changed my life. A great product. I’m 29 and had RA for 4 years. Pain was so bad no RA drugs would help. 3 bottles brought huge relief. Pain is almost all gone. I stopped taking the drugs and have no need for it anymore. I’m now taking 4-6 capsules a day for maintenance. I even cancelled my latest scheduled surgery. I’ve already had two surgeries. Effie Tziavaras, Toronto, ON
90% less pain in joints
I have rheumatoid arthritis. I am only in my thirties. After taking your shark cartilage I can get out of bed without having to wait for 30 minutes for my joints to become flexible. Shark cartilage has reduced the pain in my joints 90%. I can now cope with and enjoy looking after my 2 small children and do my daily housework. My sister also has R.A. and had similar quick relief. I am amazed and overjoyed. Lucie Jerch, South Haven, MI.
Painting & ladder climbing
BELL shark cartilage has allowed me to be more active, without suffering next day increased pain. I have been doing a lot of painting and ladder climbing in the last 3 weeks. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 25 years. In time I believe shark cartilage will allow me to come off all drugs. Please rush 3 more bottles. Jim Clemiss, North Bay, ON.
Severe fibromyalgia
Within a week dramatic decrease in severity of pain and improvement in mobility. I have retired my cane! Marion Gilland, Courtenay, BC
Gout and arthritis for 15 years
No relief from physiotherapy and chiropractor treatments. After 2 bottles I noticed a great relief (85%). It is absolutely unbelievable. Mac Barron, St. Marys, ON
Had severe sciatica
that I couldn't cross the street before the light changed. As a diabetic I am supposed to do some walking. Now I am 90% pain free and enjoy walking. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards you! Marion Morris, Owen Sound, ON
Gout in feet disappeared
Was not able to sleep on my left side for years, because of hip pain. After 2 weeks taking your shark cartilage I slept through the night on the LEFT side. Both index fingers no longer feel sprained. The gout in my feet has disappeared. I have been telling all my friends and at least 5 have started shark cartilage. Thank you! Thank you! Donna Williams, North Bay, ON.
Have not felt better in 10 years
For 10 years I have had rheumatoid arthritis. My rheumatologist put me on different medications that relieved my pain or stiffness only slightly, if at all. After taking shark cartilage, surprisingly, it began to relieve the stiffness in my joints after about 3 weeks. Shark cartilage has made me feel better than any time in the past 10 years. Christopher Heidel, Penetanguishene, ON
Other Brands of Shark Cartilage
Ten years ago, when I started selling shark cartilage, I thought all shark cartilage is the same. Our customers wrote us that this is not so. Ours is processed differently to preserve the natural active ingredients. It is 100% pure with no fillers.
I did a very silly thing last month.
I tried another brand of shark cartilage and I started to get the pain in my hips and legs again. Now after 2 weeks back on your shark cartilage the pain is gone. No more will I be fooled by buying a cheaper brand because no matter what they advertise on the other shark cartilage it does not take the place of your shark cartilage. Yours is the best for me. Gert Dupuis, Hamner ON
Only Bell brand gives me pain relief!
Rheumatoid arthritis made me a double amputee. 80% of all my joints are affected. Bell brand shark cartilage is the only brand that gives me pain relief and makes it possible to get around to a certain extend. The brands I can buy in our local area give only minor, to no relief at all. I do not know what I would do today without Bell shark cartilage. Donald Gibson, Toronto, ON
Going back to Bell brand
I have osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, spinal stenosis and pulmonary embolism. Bell shark cartilage helped me. However, I found out I need 12 capsules a day and tried a cheaper brand, but the cheaper brand doesn't alleviate the pain. I am GOING BACK TO BELL shark cartilage, because it does lessen the pain, when all above "kick in". Margaret Tabbert, Dundas, ON
Better than other brands I’ve tried
Your shark cartilage works wonderful. I took your shark cartilage for 3 months (7 bottles) and pain is now bearable. Henry Feltz, Palmerston, ON.6 weeks pain free
I tried another brand. Didn’t work. After 6 weeks with your brand I am pain free. For 8 years it felt like knives were stuck in my knees. This is the best help I ever had in all my life. Claus Weineck, Hamilton, ON
Glucosamine Sulphate
...says Dr. Arthur Bookman, Head of the Advisory Committee for the Arthritis Society, based on research on the first independent trial with no funding from the supplement industry. The study was requested by the U.S. National Institute of Health. 1,600 patients in sixteen medical centers participated. New research has found there’s no evidence glucosamine provides any benefit for people with pain and stiffness in the joints.
People think it’s helping because they are told they should take it and all stores are selling it. But the latest research presented at a rheumatology conference last week shows that glucosamine doesn’t work any better than a sugar pill. Dr. Bookman says this study will change what he tells his patients about glucosamine. “I will tell them outright it’s a disproven remedy.
Our own experience over 10 years is that some people wrote us and told us that Glucosamine helped a little bit. However, most said it did not help at all. It does not matter whether the improvement by some was real or imagined. The Advisory Committee for the Arthritis Society goes much farther by saying that after their largest study ever made in 16 hospitals, Glucosamine was not any better than a sugar pill. The conclusion is that neither what people experienced and reported to us nor the results of the studies in 16 hospitals supports the use of Glucosamine for arthritis pain. All those ads saying their Glucosamine is doctor recommended are highly misleading the public and causing needless suffering.
Some health professionals are not aware of the latest research and still recommend glucosamine. They don’t know that Bell Shark Cartilage works 10 times better.
Shark cartilage, not glucosamine
I was taking shark cartilage and glucosamine at the same time and couldn’t be sure which was making my joints more comfortable. After being out of your shark cartilage for several days, stiffness and pain were returning and I knew. I asked my wife to order more shark cartilage and the 6 days were a long wait. I’ll not wait to run out of it again! William G. Elliott, Hannover, ON.
Glucosamine, injections, drugs did not help
my wife with her arthritis in her knees and hands. She could hardly get upstairs at night to the bedroom. I saw and ad and she tried Bell shark cartilage, because of the money back guarantee. Lo and behold, the pain disappeared quickly. She can now walk up the stairs without any difficulty and she is HAPPY AS A LARK. I wish I had seen the ad earlier. Would have saved her a lot of pain filled days and years. John & Margien Toren, Senneville, QC
45 years of suffering
Glucosamine and all drugs did not help much. Saw your ad in Reader's Digest. Now I am 80% pain free and can walk and sleep again. Isabel H. Tyer, Nanaimo, BC
Pain relief after 6 bottles
Bell shark cartilage works much better than glucosamine and MSM. Had a lot of pain relief with your shark cartilage. Agatha Scott, Tavistock, ON
Bovine Chondroitin Sulphate
Bovine (cow) chondroitin, normally sold with glucosamine, was made famous by a book saying it is a "cure" for arthritis. Health professionals did not agree with this book. This cow chondroitin is helping better than glucosamine alone. However, people who tried Bell shark cartilage, which contains SHARK chondroitin, are saying it is 10 times better. The difference is like night and day. Read the facts below.
Glucosamine with chondroitin no help
I suffered for over 20 years with pain in my hips, knees, feet, neck and back. Nothing the doctor prescribed helped much. Already after the first bottle I felt some relief and by the time I took the 3rd bottle of Bell Shark Cartilage pain in my neck was gone completely. I'm had about 70% pain relief, which is marvelous as I can now go for walks again. Mary Noel, Saint John, NB
Again, facts are more reliable than opinions by people who have not tried both.
Difference like night and day
Arthritis pain in my hands, wrists, arms and shoulders improved about 75% within 4 weeks with Bell shark cartilage. I am so thankful for your product. I know I would still be needlessly suffering, had I not found it. Had pills which reduced my vision and caused other serious side effects. Next the rheumatologist recommended I try glucosamine & bovine chondroitin. I took it for 9 months and had only a little improvement. Bell shark cartilage changed my life. Mary Nakano, Oakville, ON
Can finally work without pain
in my knees. Can sleep again without pain killers. Glucosamine with (bovine) chondroitin did not bring relief. I highly recommend your product to all my friends. Irene Jabs, Lanigan, SK
Had lower back, hip and leg pain
for 15 years. After 3 weeks taking your shark cartilage it's great to be able to walk around without pain (95%). I took glucosamine and (bovine) chondroitin for a long time and it did not help. Glenn Parker, Regina, SK
Better than glucosamine with chondroitin
I started with 12 capsules of Bell shark cartilage a day and I am on 2 a day now. I exercise daily to help staying free of pain. I can do all work including caring for children. Rietta Hingston, Saskatoon, SK
Important things you should know
Does Bell Shark Cartilage restore cartilage?
In my own experience it did. My big toe joint was hurting badly every evening I did ballroom dancing for a few hours at a time. Now that I have been taking shark cartilage for years, I have no more pain even after working the joint hard by going on my toes for hours at a time.
Slight odour
Our shark cartilage has only a very SLIGHT ODOUR - much less than most others. This slight odour dissipates almost completely, if you keep some capsules in an open bowl in a kitchen closet or desk drawer out of sun or heat. We use only 100% pure shark cartilage and process it to 150 mesh without heat. We freeze dry and sterilize. We do not deodorize, because of the chemical process that the cartilage would have to go through. which strips away most of its power. In other words it does not work well anymore. This is pharmaceutical (clinical) grade shark cartilage and it is 100% pure.
No sharks killed for shark cartilage
Sharks have always been caught for the restaurant industry, such as shark steaks for North America and Europe or fish and chips for England as well as fish balls. We do not buy from illegally fished shark sources, which may include endangered species that are protected. We buy responsibly to preserve the environment. Shark bones/cartilage is a by-product of the restaurant industry. Tell activists: No sharks are fished for their shark cartilage.
Typical Lab Analysis
Crude fat/oil...................................................................0.27%
Protein-Kjeldahl......................................................... 46.52%
Ash............................................................................... 36.62%
Calcium....................................................................... 15.75%
Mucopolysaccharides - shark chondroitin............ 20% minimum
E. Coli.......................................................................... 0%
Salmonella................................................................. 0%
Pseudomonas aerguinosa...................................... 0%
Staphylococcus Aureus............................................0%
Listeria........................................................................ 0%
Average percentages. Take out ash if you add up figures.
All health professionals recommend that you should Do some exercises you like to do (walking, swimming, bicycling etc.) Do something you enjoy doing, so that you will do it a few times a week.
Want to strengthen your back muscles?
May help to ease back pain. Will also tighten those flabby tummy muscles at the same time and give you a flatter tummy. Consider doing these exercises daily. Make it a habit after you get up. Everybody has about 7 minutes time to do them.
A Lift your head and pull up your knees as shown. At this point your shoulder blades and your hips have to be off the carpet. Only your back between the shoulder blades and your waist is on the carpet. Tighten your back muscles to get the feeling your back is pushed off the carpet.
1. Count slowly from 1 to 6. 2. Rest your head and your feet back on the carpet for a few seconds. 3. Now lift your head and knees again and count slowly from 7 to 12. Then rest again for a few seconds and start again until you reached your 48 count.
B Lift your head and legs off the carpet as shown. Count in series from 1 to 48 with rests in between like in A. TEST: If you press one finger on your tummy while your head and legs are off the carpet, you will be surprised how tight your tummy muscles are. Do not make sit-ups. Sit-ups are only for athletic people.
Don't skimp, don't panic
Don't try to get relief with just one bottle. Take 12 capsules per day until you have substantial relief. Then you can experiment with taking 3-6 capsules per day for maintenance. Pain will come back unless you take a few capsules for maintenance. Don't be hasty and don't panic, if relief does not come exactly when the first 3 bottles are finished. An amazing 90% do get relief with the first 3 bottles. Some people may feel, if 3 did not bring relief then one more bottle should do it. It may. However, 68% of those that did not get relief with 3 bottles may need 6 bottles and some may need 9 or 12 bottles. This is still a trifle compared to what they spent for drugs or other remedies. Read their testimonials. Many people wrote they took many different drugs for 10, 20 or 30 years without giving up and spent many thousands of dollars of their own money and still more of government medicare money. So give our shark cartilage the time your body needs to get relief. Most get relief quickly. Some take a little longer.
SCIATICA is a form of arthritis that affects the biggest nerve in your body. Pain normally starts at about 2 away from the lower back spine towards the hip joint. There, on that spot, the sciatic nerve is squeezed between two bones. It becomes inflamed and VERY painful - all the way down to your thigh, calf and foot. This is where I suffered excruciating pain all day, every day. Worst pain I suffered in all my life for 3 years. How other people endured this for 10, 20 30 or 40 years is hard to comprehend. Many testimonials say they did not want to live anymore.
ABOUT DRAFTS: Experience shows that drafts may cause muscle pains, when you are in a room or in a car. It does not matter whether other persons do not feel the draft. If you feel muscle pains, try to eliminate a possible draft by sitting in a different spot. Muscle pains have different causes (possible drafts) than joint pains (worn away or damaged cartilage between bones). Overhead fans running at a high speed may cause instant muscle pains to many if not most people. Air conditioning causes cold drafts, which are a lot worse than other drafts.
What customers tell us...
a) After they have pain relief a few try to get away without a maintenance dose. Most go on a MAINTENANCE DOSE after the pain is down, as they do not want to risk getting the pain back.
b) Most do need a few capsules (3-6) every day to MAINTAIN their pain relief. It varies from person to person. Some think when they are pain free do not need more capsules for maintenance and after a week or two the pain comes back and they know they have to take a few capsules a day.
c) In cold, DAMP WEATHER some people need a few more capsules, to keep pain under control. FLARE-UPS ARE POSSIBLE. As a typical example, Alois Boucher, Calgary, AB puts it very well: "Bell shark cartilage has been an enormous help for me in the past 2 years. Even when the pain comes back again, it's not as severe as it used to be. I'm very grateful for that." Another customer says something similar. The pain in his right leg did not come back ever. However, some pain appeared in the left leg, but it was only perhaps 5% as bad as the right leg was. So flare-ups are possible. They may not be as bad , if you are on a maintenance dose of a few capsules.
d) The real GOOD NEWS is, in my own case, the major pain in my leg was gone 100% quickly in 2 weeks. After 2 years of taking shark cartilage my lower back pain disappeared completely. The cartilage in these joints must have been REBUILDING THEMSELVES from taking shark cartilage on a daily basis. This appears to be the long term benefit of shark cartilage. After all your arthritis did not develop in weeks. It was caused from years of wear and tear or other problems. It makes sense that rebuilding the cartilage will take some time.
e) My wife REFUSED TO TAKE 12 CAPSULES a day for her pain in the neck shoulder high. She took only 5 a day and it took her 8 weeks to get rid of her pain 100%. She is now taking 2 capsules of shark cartilage for maintenance and 2 capsules of Bell Shark Liver Oil. If she would have listened and taken 12 capsules for a few weeks, she would not have suffered for 8 weeks. This shows that taking less than 12 will get you eventually pain relief. Most people can take any quantity of shark cartilage capsules and it will not upset their stomach. However, a few people did say they could only take 1 or 2 with each meal. More would upset their stomach. Everybody is different.
f) There is a warning printed on every bottle. People with a severe HEART or circulatory condition should only take shark cartilage with the permission of a health professional. Unfortunately most health professionals do not know anything about shark cartilage. Because medical schools teach only about drugs and nothing about natural health products. Some people told me they would try 1 capsule with each meal and then increase to 2 or 3. This is what my cousin did in California. Her arthritis bothered her more than her heart. Finally she also asked her heart specialist and he said she can take it. It depends on how severe your heart problem is. We cannot give advice. People have to make their own decisions in this matter. I cannot tell them what is best for them.
g) Many say in their testimonials that they were scheduled for knee replacement or other surgery and after taking Bell shark cartilage they did not need surgery any more.
Believe it or not...
When we started to advertise how our shark cartilage helped me personally and how it helped other men and women, our government told us to stop advertising. I asked my customers to write letters addressed to the Health Minister / Secretary of Health. Here are some excerpts from a big pile of letters we received:
It was HEART BREAKING TO WATCH MY WIFE CRY with arthritis pain and there was nothing I could do to help her. I only hope that you never have to be in that position. She saw arthritis specialists and they gave her medications. But after about one year the pills did not help anymore. Then I read an ad about Bell shark cartilage with testimonials of real people and decided what the "h" what have we got to lose. After 2 weeks the pain started to ease and today she is trouble and PAIN FREE. If you stop Bell Distributors from advertising you will be depriving a lot of people of help and letting them continue to suffer on purpose. If that is so, I hope no one close to you ever suffers from arthritis. The nice thing about Bell shark cartilage is THERE ARE NO SIDE EFFECTS, which is something I cannot say about the other medications that have a list as long as your arm. As far as my wife and I are concerned, Bell shark cartilage is a "wonder medication". Charles Richard Jeary, Harrington, QC
I owe a GREAT DEBT OF GRATITUDE to Bell Distributors for advertising their product. I used it for 2 years and it was of immeasurable help. I WAS IN TEARS MANY TIMES from excruciating arthritis pain. Bell shark cartilage eases the pain and eventually eliminates it. I will never be without it. It was my good fortune that I saw their ad. The ad is truthful and not exaggerated. Elizabeth Doherty, St. Bauveur, QC
My arthritis became such a problem. I was looking at leaving to retire. However, I read about Bell’s shark cartilage and tried it. I had relief from my pain with absolutely no side effects. However, after unrelated surgery I found myself on unemployment and unable to continue paying for shark cartilage out of my own pocket. My doctor put me on Celebrex, which gave me such side effects that I had pain again. To counteract the side effects, my doctor then gave me another drug, which gave me anaphylactic shock. As a result I spent 3 days in intensive care. Not to mention all the tests I had to undergo for weeks after, because it seemed I had had a heart attack as a result of the anaphylactic shock. I can only imagine the cost to the health care system. THIS IS A HORROR STORY. Nobody will understand the amount of suffering I have gone through. I have now re-ordered Bell shark cartilage and will never try a drug again for my arthritis. Margot Turner, Courtice, ON
Thank God for Bell shark cartilage. I was in pain 24 hours a day until I read the flyer from Nick Jerch that a friend sent me. Within a couple of weeks, it was unbelievable, how much better I felt. I will never go without Bell shark cartilage ever again. I WILL BEG, BORROW AND STEAL, if I have to buy this product. I hope you will allow this product to be advertised to help people like me, who depend on it. I told everyone from Gaspe to Niagara Falls and many PEOPLE HAVE THANKED ME for making them aware of it. Lois Walsh, Shigawake, QC
I WAS WAITING FOR KNEE REPLACEMENT and was told could possibly take 18 months due to cutbacks. Had all kinds of drugs that created stomach problems, next were Synvisc injections that caused painful swellings and fluid had to be drained, followed by Vioxx, finally series of Cortisone injections. One day I was sitting at home with ice pack on my swollen knee when a friend arrived and handed me a paper about Bell shark cartilage. I read the number of people, young and old, who received pain relief. I purchased 3 bottles and another 3 after which the pain started to subside in my knees. I AM AMAZED ON THE MIRACLE Bell shark cartilage has provided. Now I can walk without pain nor cane, climb stairs, swim and even play golf. At this juncture I may not need the expensive knee replacement. More people must become knowledgeable of this product. William MacKenzie, Ottawa, ON
My husband suffered for years and died in 1993. He had hips, knees, wrists & knuckle replacements. He suffered from age 40-64. The medication he had to take left him with a blood disorder and early death. When I got arthritis about 10 years ago I WAS AFRAID TO GO THE USUAL ROUTE with drugs after knowing what my husband has gone through. I heard about Bell shark cartilage from friends 3 years ago and have been taking it since. It REDUCED MY HIP AND BACK PAIN to the extent that I can live an active life. Eleanor MacAskill, Berwick, NS
I am so happy that this man was willing to share what helped him. So many people are selfish. Praise God he was WILLING TO HELP OTHERS. Let him advertise so others may have less pain to suffer. My husband and I are Christians and we have prayer chains. So we are going to pray fervently that the LORD WILL SPEAK TO YOU. I am 84 and thanks to Nick and Bell shark cartilage I am able to stay in my own home and do all the housework for both of us. I could not have gone on without Bell shark cartilage and I am VERY VERY HURT to think you want to stop something that does so much good. At times I could not lay or sit because of PAIN ALL OVER especially in the NECK and cried a lot. Hazel Laidlaw, Wingham, ON
I'm so thankful to Bell Distributors for the ad. My CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME made working at my office job very painful. Believe me, I tried all drugs and remedies. Cortisone shots helped temporarily. Bell shark cartilage finally gave relief from pain. My husband does not have to "ICE UP HIS LEGS" after each tennis and golf game. Purita Yee-Guillermo, Toronto, ON
For over 100 more true testimonials click here
Did you know...
77% of people would prefer natural treatments rather than prescription drugs.
59% would change doctors if they could find one who utilizes natural therapies.
Prevention gets little notice in two of the US most noted medical journals.
Only 6% of articles published in these journals focused on primary prevention.
Only 1 % dealt with diet, exercise and other health promoting behaviors.
Source: Medical newsletter from Julian Whitaker, M.D., Newport Beach, CA

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