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is the only arthritis remedy with a money-back guarantee printed on the box. Ask yourself why? Because none of the other natural products or drugs work well enough to give a money-back guarantee.
Pain Free in 2 weeks
This is what happened to me personally. After suffering for years I desperately tried everything, drugs, natural products, physiotherapy, acupuncture, magnets and nothing was of any real help. Finally I had relief in 2 weeks by taking shark cartilage that was specially processed to preserve the natural active ingredients. This is the kind we are promoting. At first I offered it to friends and they had the same quick response. I realized then that there are over 50 million men and women in USA and Canada that are battling the same illness and getting treatments that are not working well, otherwise we would not have this ongoing huge health problem. I started to offer the only money-back guarantee of all arthritis products and we are still doing it today. In the last 10 years we have helped tens of thousands of men and women to have less pain or no pain at all. This is a previously thrown away by-product of the food industry. No sharks are caught for the cartilage.
Nick A. Jerch President of Bell Lifestyle Products Inc.
Evidence it works
Over 100 testimonials are on our web site with full names and towns from real people. All 100% true. Some skeptics call these people to check whether they are real. They are all real and most don’t mind to talk about their pain relief. No money is paid for testimonials. Examples: Here are some examples:
I recommend it to those millions suffering needlessly like I did for 40 years with arthritis in my knees. It’s a shame that I was given drugs and injections all these years when a natural medicine could have spared me the endless torture day and night. Pat Laughlin, Coldwater, ON
My hip is 95% pain free. Pain killing drugs mask and Bell Shark Cartilage heals. Rebecca Hite, Oroville, CA
I tried another brand and pain came back. 2 weeks on Bell and pain is gone again. Gert Dupuis, Hanmer, ON n Cancelled knee replacement. I was in pain and limping. Have no more pain now. Can square dance for hours. Anton Melnychuk, Porcupine Plain, SK
Chronic ailments
We need both the medical professionals and natural health products. Medical professionals are providing an excellent service to the people in trauma cases, strokes, surgeries, burns and infectious diseases. However, for chronic diseases like arthritis, urinary infections (prostate problems for men or bladder infections and incontinence for women), weight control, allergies, preventing heart disease and cancer, natural health products can be a lot more effective – with virtually no side effects - than orthodox medicine. This is what people say over and over again in this brochure. It comes as no surprise when a recent article in TIME MAGAZINE by a medical doctor says that natural health product sales increased from $12.2 billion to $22.2 billion dollars annually in the last years. The writer lamented saying this is an increase of 83%. Still larger increases can be expected in the future. This is what people want.
Most people are skeptical...
until they read all the true experiences of other men and women. Very few have some relief in days. Most have relief in 2-3 weeks with 3 bottles. However, some need 6 or 9 or 12 bottles. This is still a small expense compared to what people spend on drugs or surgery or the amount of suffering they go through over the years.
Know the Truth!
These are facts most people don’t know. Lancet Medical Journal confirms that all drugs contribute to the destruction of joint cartilage a person may have left. These drugs cause internal bleeding, heart attacks and strokes. It’s official now, Dr. David Graham M.D. of the FDA’s office published his research which shows that at that time 139,000 people had heart attacks and strokes that could

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