Now Turmeric Oil (Curcuma longa), Pure 30mL

$29.99 CAD

Now Turmeric Oil (Curcuma longa), Pure 30mL

$29.99 CAD

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Now Turmeric Oil (Curcuma longa), Pure

  • 100% pure curcuma longa 

Aroma: Spicy, earthy, warm

Attributes: Soothing, normalizing, balancing

Mixes Well With Cardamom, ginger, frankincense, lavender, sandalwood, tangerine

Ingredients: 100% pure, Turmeric Oil (Rhizome) (ar-Turmerone CT)

Extraction Method: Steam distilled from rhizome

Physical Characteristics:
Specific Gravity:  0.871-0.940
Refractive Index:  1.475-1.513

Purity Tested/Quality Assured


100% pure, Turmeric Oil (Rhizome) (ar-Turmerone CT).

Aroma: Spicy, earthy, warm. Attributes: Soothing, uplifting, balancing.

Mixes Well With cardamom, ginger, frankincense, lavender, sandalwood, and tangerine.

Extraction Method: Steam distilled from rhizome.

NOW® Essential Oils are analytically tested for identity, purity and adulteration to assure the highest quality.

Suggested Usage:

Add to diffuser. Room spray; add ~30 drops to 30 ml water in a spray bottle. Topical use; for hair, facial, and body care products, add 2-3 drops of turmeric oil per 1 tsp of carrier oil, lotion, moisturizer etc. Natural essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used with care.