Peruvian Harvest Raw Yacon Root Syrup 250mL

€18,95 EUR

Peruvian Harvest Raw Yacon Root Syrup 250mL

€18,95 EUR


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Peruvian Harvest Raw Yacon Root Syrup

Nature's Healthy Sweetener! Organic Yacon Gold syrup is made from selected certified organic yacon roots and is often recommended to help support normal blood sugar balance and healthy cholesterol levels. This low-glycemic yacon sweetener is 100% pure natural plant material with no additives, colours or artificial flavours added.

100% pure without any binders, fillers, or other excipients. Organic Traditions Yacon Gold syrup is a low glycemic, prebiotic superfood sweetener with that tastes incredible!

Used for many years by indigenous communities in Peru, Yacon syrup naturally supports the proliferation of healthy bifid bacteria, which help to restore the balance of normal bowel flora.

The tuber is comprised of fructooligosaccharides (FOS), indigestible carbohydrates that feed the beneficial bacteria with no significant impact on blood glucose levels. Yacon syrup is high in protein and does not contain caffeine. Use it directly or as a sweetener in any drink or food preparation (sauces, salad dressings). Ideal for diabetics!

Smallanthus Sonchifolius. Family: Asteraceae. Genus: Smallanthus. Species: Sonchifolius. Common Name: Yacon. Parts Used: Roots. Origin: Andes of Peru.

This product was previously marketed as YaconPro/Yacon Gold.


100% Certified Organic Yacon Pulp.