Medisca Pharmaceutical Lugol's Solution USP (Strong Iodine Solution)

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100 ml Solution 500 ml Solution

Medisca Pharmaceutical Lugol's Solution USP (Strong Iodine Solution)

$27.00 USD

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100 ml Solution 500 ml Solution
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Medisca Lugol`s Solution. Strong Iodine solution 

In 1829 a French physician, named Lugol, originated a solution, which contains 5% of elemental iodine in a 10% solution of potassium iodide. It has been used steadily ever since it was originated. Lugol`s iodine is a form of elemental iodine, which may be helpful in hypothyroidism and goitre caused by insufficient iodine intake. It has also been reported to assist with other hypothyroidism symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Sluggishness
  • Weight gain
  • Coldness of the body`s extremities

There is one downside to this product. It has a very unique metallic taste. Some people find it offensive, while others have no problem with the taste.

For general health on a daily basis, add two drops or 12.5 mg. to your 8 oz. glass of water, apple juice or apple cider in the morning.

This product does not come with a dropper.

Dose Recommendation:

Dr. Brownstein M.D suggests starting at 6 mg. and gradually increasing to 50 mg. dosage daily.

6.25mg Iodine per drop.
2 drops= 12.5 mg
3 drops= 18.75 mg
4 drops= 25 mg
8 drops= 50 mg
16 drops=100 mg
20 drops=125 mg

Always hold your dropper in a vertical position. If you make drops holding the dropper on a slant the drops will be bigger.


DO NOT use Lugol`s Iodine solution if you have an overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism.

Iodine treatment is for an under active thyroid gland only.

If in doubt, please get your thyroid hormone levels checked before using lugol`s solution.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I feel that it’s working. I take 8drops in a small amount of water. I try to hold it under tongue for 30 seconds to get into my body faster.

Melissa La Torre

I have been using Lugol's strong iodine solution for years now and I love it. I notice a difference in my energy and I just feel better overall when I take it daily with selenium (for thyroid hormone production) and a B complex. It helps with many things in the body.

Thank you very much for your very valuable feedback, it is very much appreciated

Saad Honaish
Very good service

I called them to let them know that I made a mistake writing my address, they answered me and corrected my mistake instantly. For the delivery, I have chosen express company , but it arrived late. Maybe because it was a holiday season, it didn’t worth to pay extra money for express delivery.