Newco Magnetic Pulsed Therapeutic Copper Energy Bracelet

$42.00 USD

Newco Magnetic Pulsed Therapeutic Copper Energy Bracelet

$42.00 USD

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Newco Copper Mag Pulsed Energy

Therapeutic Bracelets
Driving The Frequency for Copper     

Everything on this planet below the atomic structure breaks down into light and sound which is frequency, wavelength and charge of energy. Everything that is mass and matter before you emits a very, very slight charge of energy, frequency, and wavelength. Just like that of a radio tower transmitting a signal to your boom box antennae, it has a wavelength and frequency and a charge of energy carrying information.
Examples of how this works, and how light and sound is in our everyday lives.

1. Car keys or a pocket full of change. Put it in your hand and hold it up to your nose and smell it, you smell metal correct? How can this be? It is not like dry ice that goes through a process of sublimation from solid to gas or some form of evaporation, it is the frequency of the metal that you smell.

2. Put a copper penny into the palm of your left hand and gently close your hand. Close your eyes and then rub the tip of your tongue onto the roof of your mouth for two minutes. By the two-minute mark, you will smell metallic, taste metallic, or smell copper or taste copper. You absorb the frequency for copper through the palm of your hand into your bloodstream and hence to your brain where you smell or taste it. Same science as the copper bracelets!

3. Another example of frequency emission is at the Newco lab, where we make rub ease cream for pain and put it in a jar. Then the customers want Newco to put it in a tube for travel. The jar is HDPE high-density plastic and the tube is LDPE or low-density plastic. We nd that we always have to make the cream thicker when putting the product into the tube because the frequency emitted from the plastic makes the cream runnier or with a more liquid viscosity.

What do the Sun, The Earth, and the Human Body have in common? PULSED ENERGY! And we are all made up of light and sound below the atomic structure.

Every living plant and animal on this earth and including the earth is pulsed energy same as the sun. Bursting and pulsing continuously! Your heart beats and the volcanoes erupt and the waves crash on the shore one after another as the earth pulses with life force. With the movement of the magma internally (kind of like your circulatory system!) within the earth, you create a field of energy that travels from North to South and South to North called magnetism.
The energy stream of ions is pulsing back and forth and around and around continuously.

For humans with the beginning of life (when two people make love and come to that pinnacle moment) it starts with pulsed energy. The secret here that I have seen with my own eyes is the graphed curve of exponential energy that is released versus a continuous stream of energy. Pulsed energy sustains life and has the magical power behind it of the sun and creation from the beginning of time. At the end of the life of the sun, there is also a pulsed energy burst to another realm of energy that we explore in the cosmos. As the sun loses mass and matter it expands as it can no longer hold itself together by way of the gravity created by its overall mass. It expands into a larger red giant and then finally a supernova burst that expands outwards and eventually it stops and comes back in on itself creating a black hole where the gravity is so massive that it bends light rays or particles towards it from distant stars. For many people, before they die (could be an hour before or even a few weeks) they get this burst of pulsed energy and the relatives think they are getting better before they finally go the other way to the end of this life as we know it.
Therefore, pulsed Magnetic energy on a copper bracelet can contribute to your health and well-being on so many levels. It is also very divine to be blessed with this technology from nature that provides the body with extra healing force energy.

The frequency and wavelength for copper with the flow of ions of energy driven by this magnetic force enters into your blood, purifying your bloodstream and adding to your immune health. Without proper configuration of the tetrahedrons that carry the electrical charge within your chemical / electric body, your immune system will notfunction properly. I also suggest consuming pink Himalayan mineral salt daily with your meals so that you can also supply the electrolytes to further enhance the energy flow from the magnets.