Herbaria Rosehip Tea (Rosa Species) 25 Tea Bags

$5.00 USD

Herbaria Rosehip Tea (Rosa Species) 25 Tea Bags

$5.00 USD

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Rosehip grows in thick patches on roadsides and hillsides. Flowers vary in colour from pale pink to deep rose. Its seed are enclosed in hips and turn bright red in the fall.

This tea is an excellent source of Vitamin C. Humans cannot manufacture Vitamin C, therefore we need to get it through other sources – such as Rosehip.

-Provides one of the best natural and freely available sources of Vitamin C

-Effective against the common cold and coughs

-Helps fight infections and bladder problems

-Rosehip tea is useful when dealing with diarrhea

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Brewing Instructions

Add boiling water over the bag

Let steep for 4 to 6min

If desired sweeten with honey

Store box in a cool dry place