Smart Solutions Smile 5-HTP 120 Veggie Capsules

$26.00 USD $30.00 -14% OFF

Smart Solutions Smile 5-HTP 120 Veggie Capsules

$26.00 USD $30.00 -14% OFF

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Smart Solutions Smile 5-HTP

Smart Solutions products are designed to empower women to take control of their health. Founded in 2010, Lorna Vanderhaeghe's natural health products include ADRENAsmart, BONE BOOSTER, CALA-Q plus, Celadrin Skin Cream, CLA plus, COLLAGEN plus, ESTROsmart, GLA Skin Oil/Gels, GLUCOsmart, IRONsmart, SLEEPsmart and more!

What to expect from SMILE 5-HTP:

  • -Improves mood
  • -Enhances serotonin, our happy hormone
  • -Reduces severity and duration of migraines
  • -Reduces PMS symptoms
  • -Aids restful sleep
  • -Reduces menopause stress
  • -Provides fibromyalgia relief
  • -Reduces panic attacks

5-HTP Enhances Serotonin

5-HTP is a break-down product of the amino acid tryptophan. Proteins in our food provide us with amino acids, one of which is tryptophan. Tryptophan is broken down into 5-HTP and then 5-HTP is turned into serotonin. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that makes you happy and tells your brain that you are satisfied so that you do not need to eat anymore. Serotonin deficiency contributes to weight gain, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and panic attacks. Low serotonin levels also lead to carbohydrate (sugar) cravings and overeating. 5-HTP reduces appetite while also enhancing mood and increasing energy levels.

5-HTP Improves Mood and Sleep

5-HTP has been extensively researched for the treatment of mood enhancement. It also relieves insomnia. 5-HTP allows for natural sleep without the drugged feeling in the morning that can occur in those taking prescription sedatives.

5-HTP Improves Fibryomyalgia Symptoms

There is evidence that the body's serotonin pathway does not work in people with fibromyalgia, and 5-HTP has been shown to stop the pain of fibromyalgia. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, 90-day study involving 50 patients with fibromyalgia, 5-HTP was found to significantly improve anxiety, pain intensity, quality of sleep and fatigue.


A Superior Solution Smile 5-HTP is enteric-coated, which allows 5-HTP to be absorbed in the small intestine. Other 5-HTP products that are not enteric-coated can cause nausea when optimal doses are taken. Take a high-quality multivitamin with minerals like Multismart to ensure you get adequate levels of magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin B3 because these nutrients aid 5-HTP conversion into serotonin.

What is 5-HTP?

This natural mood support can also allow you to rest better ...

5-HTP is a precursor to the hormones serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin regulates mood, behaviour, appetite, dilation of blood vessels and many other body processes. 5-HTP has been favourably compared to tricyclic antidepressants and Prozac for its ability to alleviate depression. Serotonin is released in response to fullness and regulates appetite. This also accounts for the fact that when we are under stress our appetite tends to change.

Some people become deficient in serotonin and gain weight because they overeat. Others lose their appetite partly because their brain is reacting to high levels of serotonin released during the stressful time. Serotonin also decreases the diameter of blood vessels. This is helpful in headaches and migraines that are caused by increased blood flow in the brain.

Melatonin regulates the body's sleep/wake cycles. Optimal levels of melatonin allow us to have restful and restorative sleep. Melatonin also cues the body to release growth hormone and sex hormones, which are used during sleep to repair body tissues and normalize hormone levels. Finally melatonin is an antioxidant that protects tissue by neutralizing damaging free radicals. The amount of melatonin produced by the body naturally declines as we age so supplementing with 5-HTP may be a means to prevent age-related disease. 5-HTP is recommended by natural health practitioners for insomnia, jet lag, aging, frequent colds and flus, PMS, memory loss, arteriosclerosis, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, headaches, migraines, obesity, fibromyalgia, stress, anxiety and depression. 5-HTP can be purchased in tablets or capsules. Taking your supplement with a high-carbohydrate food or drink, like juice, will increase its absorption.


If you are taking MAO inhibitors, SSRIs (Prozac, Luvox, Paxil, Eff exor, Zoloft) and/or the tricyclic antidepressants (Elavil, Tofranil, Pamelor) or St. John's wort, do not take 5-HTP without discussing it with your health care provider. 5-HTP can be used to wean off antidepressants. Discuss any medication changes with your health care provider.