Naka Hubner Silicea 500mL Liquid

$34.00 USD

Naka Hubner Silicea 500mL Liquid

$34.00 USD

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Hubner Silicea Colloidal Gel

  • 100% Pure
  • Maximum strength 196 mg
  • Beautiful healthy hair
  • Stronger nails and bones
  • Formation of collagen
  • Smoother looking skin, and much more!
  • Preservative free, additive free, excipient free.
  • NPN: 80033647

Silica is an important component of collagen and connective tissue. Suspended in a colloidal preparation; Silica is absorbed quickly and easily. Used commonly throughout Germany for maintenance of youthful, healthy skin, hair and nails. Silicea Gel can be used externally for wrinkles, acne and blemishes or internally helping to replenish collagen supply and encourage skin elasticity. An excellent choice for those who are concerned with brittle nails, thin hair and prematurely aging skin


Medicinal ingredients

Each 15 ml contains:

Elemental silicon (Silicic acid) 196 mg

 Non-medicinal ingredients


Contains no added gluten, sweetener, preservatives, artificial colour, sugar, eggs, fish or shellfish, animal products, dairy, soy, corn, starch, wheat or yeast.

Suggested Use

Recommended purpose or use:

  • To help support healthy hair, skin, and nails.
  • To help support the formation of collagen.

Recommended dose:

(Adults) Take one tablespoon (15 ml) daily.

 Direction of use:

Shake well before using. Take between meals, one tablespoon daily, straight or diluted with water, tea or juice. Use the calibrated measuring spoon as provided to obtain an accurate dosage. Refrigerate after opening with cap tightly closed, but not below 4°C. Discard any remaining product 4 weeks after opening. Do not drink directly from the bottle.

Cautions and warnings:

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Sealed for your protection. Do not use if seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children.