Redmond Clay 283 Grams - Bentonite Clay

$15.00 USD

Redmond Clay 283 Grams - Bentonite Clay

$15.00 USD

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All Natural Bentonite Clay All Natural Dietary Supplement Many years ago, long before the earth knew pollutants of any kind, a range of volcanoes erupted- sending volcanic ash into the water of the ancient Sundance Sea that covered much of North America. The water in this sea evaporated, leaving behind a bed of mineral-rich bentonite clay. Near the small town of Redmond, Utah, we extract this ancient volcanic ash, now resting deep within the earth, and bring it to you in its pure, natural state. Redmond Clay contains more than 50 natural trace minerals essential to human health.


An Old Home Remedy

Redmond Clay has been used for generations to help support digestive health. For thousands of years, primitive people carried a ball of clay with them in their packs. Some of this clay was dissolved in water and ingested with their meals. Clay was the natural medicine used by the natives for fighting many stomach ailments, dysentery and food infections. Suggested Use For external use: Mix the clay with water to make a gel about the consistency of mustard. The gel can be applied externally as a poultice on cuts, bruises, insect bites, bee stings, boils, rashes, acne, and burns. It can also be used as a facial.

For internal use:

Take 1-2 teaspoons of Redmond Clay with juice or water daily.

Other Ingredients Redmond Clay (bentonite clay of the montmorillonite family).

Supplement Facts Serving Size:

1 tsp. (2.74 g) Servings Per Container: 103 Amount per Serving %Daily Value Calcium 52 mg 5% Potassium 25 mg <1% Magnesium 120 mg 30% Manganese 2.4 mg 121% Iron 17 mg 97% Iodine 72 mcg 48% Zinc 0.3 mg 2%