Peruvian Harvest Maca Pro 130mL XP Purple Maca

$38.00 USD

Peruvian Harvest Maca Pro 130mL XP Purple Maca

$38.00 USD

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Peruvian Harvest Maca Pro 130mL XP Purple Maca

Maca is a hardy superfood which grows in extreme conditions in the Andes of Peru, where it has traditionally been used not only as a food with a high nutritional value, but also as a fertility supplement for both people and livestock, because it has adaptogenic properties which can help those who are feeling drained or run down.

Select from three types of progressively stronger concentrated liquid maca formulas: XP Platinum, XP Professional, and XP Limitless.

Maca may help balance hormonal levels; improve mood, mental clarity, and memory; enhance energy, physical condition, and reflexes; and support immune function.

UHTCO's MacaPro XP product line is unique. It starts with select maca roots grown in the Junin Plateau in the central highlands of Peru (at altitudes of over 4,250 meters/ 14,000 ft. above sea level), which are first cold dried in frosty conditions to enhance their nutritional value*; then macerated in alcohol for 6 months to soften them up; then pressed; then the alcohol is evaporated, to leave extremely potent extracts. It is very easy to consume and absorb maca in a liquid form, and the results can be seen very quickly.

* (The natural sunlight during the day and the freezing overnight temperatures in those high pressure conditions transform the roots and generates new complex bio-chemical compounds which would not otherwise be present in the fresh harvested roots.)

Three types of liquid maca are available here, with different potencies, constituents and purposes. The potency ratio indicates how many kilograms of dried roots each one starts with per litre of the finished product. (E.g. the 18:1 Ratio means 18 kg of dried Maca Roots were used to produce 1 Liter of liquid Maca.)

MacaPro XP Platinum (18:1 Ratio)

Uses only Black Maca roots, which have a stronger, somewhat bitter flavour, and are used both for improving physical stamina, vigour, performance, endurance, and energy levels, and to address hormonal issues affecting physical behaviour and sex drive.

MacaPro XP Professional (20:1 Ratio)

Uses only red/purple maca roots, which have a strong but pleasant, somewhat sweeter flavour, and a higher antioxidant content. Purple maca is also great for hormonal balance, but more for so for mood issues, such as promoting relaxation and restoring calmness. It can also provide energy, but in a more smooth, gradual, and steady mode than the black roots; its action focuses more on soothing, healing and repairing. (It may be able to help reduce inflammation.) Purple maca is the preferred type for post-menopausal women, although it may also be able to help reduce an enlarged prostate in males (in rats, at least).

MacaPro XP Limitless (25:1 Ratio)

With a 50% Black, 50% Purple Maca Root mix, there's no need to choose -- you can get the best of both worlds, for all maca's purposes, to promote both physical energy (in both a more immediate and more sustained way); hormonal balance (both physical and emotion); and overall well-being.

MacaPro XP Ingredients:

Each type contains select Cold Pressed, Certified Organic Maca Roots -- either solely Black Maca Roots; or 100% Purple Maca Roots, or a 50/50 blend of the two (depending on the type). These extracts also contain Water, Alcohol, and Cellulose Gum.

Suggested Usage:

Take 1 teaspoon of MacaPRO XP as a daily tonic. Either take the extract straight; or dilute it in water; or add a teaspoon to water, coconut water, juice, warm (not boiling) tea, or add 1 teaspoon of MacaPRO XP to your favorite smoothie recipe to create a nourishing, antioxidant rich smoothie.

Supporting Science:

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