Yupik Organic Apricot Kernels, 1kg

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Yupik Organic Apricot Kernels, 1kg

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Product description

Yupik Organic Apricot Kernels

Size :1 kg

Yupik Organic Apricot Kernels provide a delicious, nutritious snack that is perfect for a pick-me-up between meals. Certified organic, these kernels are also a great source of essential minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin B17, making them an ideal alternative to sugary snacks. Their slightly bitter taste makes them perfect for adding to yogurt and salads. Enjoy 1kg of Yupik Organic Apricot Kernels today!

Unique and delicious, try Organic Bitter Apricot Kernels. Apricot kernels are the seeds of an apricot fruit. While nutty, these kernels are also deeply bitter. Smaller in size than an almond, these kernels are a wonderful snack, addition to baked goods, or topping for salads, yogurt, granola, and more.

Customer Reviews

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Norman Allan
quick delivery of a good product

I was impressed at the speed of delivery of a fine product!

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback

Mera Reznik
Organic Apricot Kernels, 1kg

It would be good to have some indication on the packaging as to haw many kernels is a recommended dose per day. Otherwise, then product seems OK.

Thank you very much for your valuable review

Ralph Haveman
So far so good.

Will see how it worked next time I will get a PSA test early June .
Will keep you posted.

Thank you for your review & feedback

Harry Pardy

I haven't received them yet. So we have to wait until they arrive, before I can submit a review.